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The results of our efforts is an extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality, with a thousand flavors and nuances…

  • The Oil on Bruschetta

    Pangia Oil on delicious bruschetta.

  • In Villach (A)

    The stand at the fair in Villach.

  • The Oil Mill

    Olives in the mill.

  • The Harvest

    Olive gathered to facilitate loading.

  • Pangia Oil Grove

    Harvest in the olive groves.

  • italian extra virgin olive oil for restaurants

    For fish lovers

    The PDO that respects the flavors.

  • Pangia extra virgin olive oil PDO Molise. The family estate is land of olive groves, but not only that!

    Other crops

    Other Pangia crops

  • Pangia oil in a bottle

    0.5 L bottle for catering

  • italian olive groves

    Olive tree land

    The olive grove is a immense heritage.

  • the Church of Rotello - Molise the extra virgin olive oil city

    The ancient San Rocco

    The ancient church of the village.

  • Rotello, city of Pangia oil PDO Molise. Geographical hilly area in central Italy

    A glimpse of Rotello

    Surrounded by green of Molise.

  • italian extra virgin olive oil for restaurants and catering

    Gentle to the palate

    An olive oil that enhances the flavour of the dish.

  • italian olive trees

    Our olive tree

    The precious olive tree “Gentile of Larino”.

  • rotello extra virgin olive oil city

    View of Rotello

    Land of Pangia olive oil PDO Molise.

  • landscape of olive trees

    Rotello landscape

    Rural area of excellence.

  • Santa Maria degli Angeli Church, Rotello, Molise, Italy

    S. Maria degli Angeli

    The family church.

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