Italian extra virgin olive oil | Molise PDO oil | Made in Italy


The product of our efforts is an extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality, with many flavours and nuances…

Italian Extra virgin olive oil

An oil owes its fragrance and its unique characteristics to the land that nourished it, to the wind that craddled it, to the sun that caressed it.
Pangia olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil of high quality, like that sought after by aristocrats since Roman times.

Pangia Family, oil since 1870 - Rotello (CB) Italy.


The PDO label guarantees quality and character.
The PDO label (Protected Designation of Origin) is given to food items whose characteristics are attributed to the geographical area where they are produced. This includes both natural factors such as climate and soil, and human factors, such as the production techniques handed down over time. Combined together, this factors ensure a unique product unable to be duplicated outside of the given area. In order to obtain the approval, a PDO oil must follow strict rules, set forth in the Production Regulations compiled by ARSIAM.
The PDO label guarantees not only the unique and particular quality of Pangia oil, but also its regional character. The character that the ancient Romans recognized as the Molise oil, mentioned by Cato, Cicero and Horace as well as Giovanni Presta, an oil expert of the eighteenth century, named as “saved for the most delicate ones, the most fastidious ones, the wealthiest ones”.
The PDO label, though similar, is completely different from the IGP label (Protected Geographical Indication). In order to obtain the IGP label, it’s enough that one of the stages of production, processing and packaging takes place within the given area, though this doesn’t guarantee the uniqueness of the product.