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Special Christmas offer: DON’T MISS IT!

Holidays are drawing near: Pangia oil wants to make a really unbeatable special Christmas offer: what’s better than giving our family and friends the sweet pleasures of the table? Boxes of 12 bottles Extra-virgin olive oil Molise DOP are available at a very special price! Contact us as soon as possible. Offer available in limited […]

For the experts: the new oil.

The new oil will be available starting from December. The new oil is the just pressed oil, the moment when the oil shows the most beautiful colors, aromas and smells. The new oil is “stronger” than the normal oil, the characteristic smells are enhanced and particularly marked and they make it perfect for your dishes […]

The new brand PANGIA OIL

The company Pangia decided in 2013 to have its historical Brand restyled in order to give the brand a greater recognition on the Italian and foreign markets, transferring on the company’s image the same passion given to the production of extra virgin olive oil PDO Molise. With Pangia Oil good Italian food will be on […]

PDO Molise and IGP

The P.D.O. is the name of a region or a specific place that indicates the origin of an agricultural product – such as our Pangia Oil PDO Molise – whose organoleptic characteristics are ESSENTIALLY or EXCLUSIVELY due to the geographical environment and human factors. The production, processing and preparation of the product take place within […]

Heraldry of Pangia family from Rotello.

Oil maker by tradition since 1870. The Pangia oil maker has commissioned the Communication Agency Web 2.0 “Holbein & Partners,” the restyling of the family heraldry in order to enhance the image and value of the Brand “Pangia Oil PDO Molise” in the international markets of the hotel and catering branch.