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What are cookie?
The majority of websites collect small amounts of information about your activity on the website. These details are contained in a text file known as “cookie”, which is stored on your personal computer.
In order to ensure you have the best web surfing, our website offers the best performances with cookies enabled. Thanks to cookie we can “remember” you when you return to our website, as well as identify and solve errors – providing a faster and more appropriate browsing. Additional data are stored only through your express consent, for example when you provide us information to make a contact request.

The kind of cookie used in this website, are used according to the guide of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Category 1: STRICTLY NECESSARY cookie
These cookie are necessary to allow the browsing on the website and to use its functions, such as enter to “private” areas.
This website use “strictly necessary” cookie in pages such as “Contacts” form, these details are automatically deleted at the end of each session.

Category 2: PERFORMANCE cookie
These cookie collect information about how users use the website, for example which pages are mostly visited or any error messages that the user receives from the webpages during the browsing.
This website uses the following cookie of category 2:

  • google services (google analytics)
  • access to website services with reference to Login or to the section “test” of the web platform built with WordPress.

Category 3: FUNCTIONALITY cookie
Functionality cookie can be used to provide a required service, such as watching a video. The details that these cookie collect, may be anonymised avoiding to track the browsing on other websites.
This website uses the following cookie of category 3:

  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Flickr.

Cookie settings
You can decide to allow or not the cookie setting on your computer but this website works best with all kind of cookie enabled. The cookie settings may be checked and modified going in the section “Preferences” of your browser.

If you turn off cookie, this may disable some functionalities. Even with all the cookie disabled, your browser will continue to store a small amount of information. This information are necessary for the basic functions of this website.