For the experts: the new oil.

The new oil will be available starting from December. The new oil is the just pressed oil, the moment when the oil shows the most beautiful colors, aromas and smells.

The new oil is “stronger” than the normal oil, the characteristic smells are enhanced and particularly marked and they make it perfect for your dishes because it gives them new flavors reserving new surprises to your palate.
In the past, the time of the new oil was a time of celebration, when people used to gather together to taste the new, just pressed juice and to compare opinions and impressions and to enjoy the oil in its full energy.

This product is aimed at those who want to discover an unknown product, an ancient flavor, who disappeared after food industrialization.
If you’ve never tasted it and you feel like having a powerful experience, try it.

We are now accepting reservations.

Pangia oil PDO – Italian olive groves.