5 LITERS CANS - Pangia Italian Extra Virgin Oil | Molise PDO



5 liters cans of extra virgin oil

Pangia Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Molise

It is a good flavour oil, well balanced and structured, gentle and round to taste, and agreeably persistent.
It is mostly obtained by Larino Gentile cultivar.

Colour: Yellow with green reflections;
Smell: Fruity green with a green almond taste;
Flavour: Harmonious with a bitter and spicy taste. A slight taste of green almond and tomatoes with good fluidity;

Predominant Cultivar: Larino Gentile;
Olive trees age: from 25 to 100 years old;
Exposure: mostly North-West with view on the sea, 350m above sea level.
Picking: end of October;
Picking Method: manual with immediate delivery to the oil-mill for pressing;

Suggestions: thanks to its features, it is versatile and suitable for many dishes. Its flavour goes well with everyday or high quality food, enriching and bringing out their taste, but leaving intact their flavour. Excellent with meat, delicate with fish, delicious with pasta, salad and pizza. You can use it for fried food as well as for bruschetta or special bread for a gourmet taste